domingo, 25 de junho de 2006

I can't stop

I don't know what to do with so much will of write that my body has, and very less, with so much ideas that my head develops and I not have where put-them. I feel despair of write without stop, to that my fingers stayed locked and my empty soul. That insanity is blasts me in ink of pen and I feel that I have stayed hours putting everything what I think and everything what I like in a paper, otherwise I die. I think that I'm going to put everything in a silk. It is that even though I will do.

2 comentários:

Little disse...

eu te amo.
amo sua vida
amo sua cor

Anderson Almeida disse...

Bom, quer dizer que vale postar em inglês? Pois, para contrariar colocarei meu comentário em francês...
"Un texte comme celui-ci doit être écrit dans Portugais, donc non ah
dans le monde langue plus belle !"